Jitex PVC Planks are for both domestic and commercial use. These planks can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or any room in the house. Ideally used in rooms where the level of moisture is very less or the space has poor ventilation facility in order to give the room a very clean fresh look.

Our Services

  • Apart from being Importers and Authorized distributors of PVC Ceiling Planks, we also provide services in terms of installing it. Our team of engineers will carry out the entire procedure which will range from the process of analyzing the work-space to the process of designing, fabrication, implementation and execution. Hence, providing an end to end solution to all your False Ceiling and Plastering needs..
  • With Jayswal, you never have to worry about the availability of the product, as we always maintain a large inventory of PVC Ceiling Planks at all times. We guarantee you a transparent process and a fast delivery once a purchase order has been placed.
  • For visual design impact, PVC ceiling Planks can be installed either Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally or Across any adjacent planes at any angle to create curvatures. Can be used on Walls to ceilings or walls to walls at 90 degrees being the most common one.


    Plank Size:

    Variant 1: 10in X 12ft
    Variant 2: 1ft X 12 ft

    Beading Size: 12 ft
    Connecting Clip Size: 12 ft


    - Ideal partner for any waterproof ceiling and cladding project.
    - Easy Installation
    - Can be easily cleaned
    - Green Product


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